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Keeping your feet healthy is important for feeling good and staying active. As it’s National Feet Week and summer is on the horizon we thought we’d share with you our top tips on how to keep your feet healthy and looking sandal ready.  

1. Keep your feet clean & Dry

Bathe your feet in warm water mixed with soap and bubbles for extra pampering. Relax and really give your feet a good soak. After you’ve soaked your feet and they’re squeaky clean, dry them with a towel ensuring you dry thoroughly between your toes to keep any fungus at bay.

2. Cut and shape your toe-nails PROPERLY

Cutting your toe nails wrong can be super painful and the cause of ingrown nails. Make sure you’re cutting your nails straight across without taking too much nail away at the edges. You can then shape your nails using a gentle nail file.

3. Exfoliate your feet

Whilst we’re all stuck indoors with nothing much to do, now is the perfect time to exfoliate those feet! Not sure how to? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Pop on our dual layered Skin Republic Foot Peel booties whilst you put your feet up with a glass of wine or a cuppa. Our Foot Peel removes dead skin cells in just 7 days, leaving you with soft, silky smooth feet.

4. Moisturise those feet

Moisturising your feet is key! By moisturising your feet regularly you will prevent them drying out and cracking. With a blend of shea butter, ginkgo biloba, green tea, peppermint and seaweed, our Skin Republic Foot Repair Mask is your go-to mask to soften and nourish your feet, as well as soothe rough, dry, feet and heels. You’ll have sandal ready feet in no time.

Skin Republic Expert tip: Skip this step if you have used our Foot Peel as your dry skin will naturally shed over the next 7 days. We recommend using the Foot Repair mask two weeks post Foot Peel treatment – or when your feet have stopped peeling – to maintain those silky soft feet!

5. Paint those toe nails

Pop a nail base coat under your nail polish, apply two coats of nail polish and apply a nail polish top coat. This will make your nail polish last longer!

Follow these 5 steps and  you’ll have perfect healthy toes and feet in no time!

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