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Skincare Glossary A-Z


The first step of this treatment prepares the skin with a facial exfoliant to remove dry, dull skin cells and improve the efficacy of step two. The second step completes the treatment with a regular sheet mask, infused with serum to address your skincare needs.


Alpha-arbutin is derived from plants such as bearbery, blueberry and cranberry and is a skin lightening ingredient that inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase to counteract pigmentation. Alpha-arbutin softens scars, dark spots and pigmentation caused by acne and sun damage.


The serum in this mask turns into a dense, oxygen-rich foam when exposed to the air. Millions of micro-bubbles work deep within your skin's pores to clean out dirt and impurities. The sheet mask ensures the bubbles maintain skin contact for the full treatment.


Ceramides are made up of long chain fatty acids that link with other important molecules to promote cellular function. Ceramides help to create a barrier to prevent permeability. This locks in moisture into your skin, which helps to prevent dryness and irritation.  


The entire Skin Republic range is tested by our team of scientists in Korea to ensure they are suitable for all skin types.


The serum in Skin Republic hand and foot masks is contained within a dual layered glove or bootie. The inner mask contains a nourishing serum packed with active ingredients, while the outer layer remains completely dry.


This goggle shaped mask provides the same effectiveness as a regular sheet mask, with a serum formulated specifically for the eye area. The shape ensures delivery of serum to contact points, including eyelids, inner corners of the eyes and beneath the eyes.


This innovative foil backed sheet mask delivers a one way surge of serum to the skin. The foil backing prevents evaporation, while warmth generated by the skin is trapped beneath the mask to promote faster absorption of the serum. The two-piece mask ensures a better fit to your face.


Glycolic Acid is a water-soluble alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) made from sugarcane and are small sized molecules. This allows Glycolic Acid to absorb into your skin and exfoliate it better than any other AHA. It speeds up your cell turnover and increases collagen production, helping to skin plump, firm and elastic.


Hyaluronic acid molecules have the unique property of being able to bind 1000 times their weight in water. This allows them to absorb more water than any other biological substance. Hyaluronic acid is also an "intelligent" nutrient that can adapt its moisture absorption to the ambient humidity depending on the season and climate. The moisture content of the skin is increased, while at the same time, the skin barrier is strengthened. Your skin feels and looks softer, smoother and firmer.


Hydrogel masks are made from a super-hydrating, gel-like substance that creates a barrier between the skin and external environment, ensuring optimal absorption of serum. Hydrogel masks stay hydrated for longer, providing a moisture surge of 30 minutes or more. The two-piece mask ensures a better fit, closely adhering to the contours of your face.


The active ingredient niacinamide protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. It reduces skin spots and provides an even skin tone while improving the appearance of the skin. Niacinamide increases the skin's natural immunity and helps reduce visible signs of aging by promoting collagen production.


A combination of peptides, palmitoyl-tripedetide-7 and palmitoyl-oligopeptide. It targets signs of aging and helps stimulate production of collagen and elastin. Matrixyl supports the activation of the cutaneous repair process and helps retain elastin, firmness and strength.


These liquid masks allow for a perfect all-over application of serum. When dry, the peel-off function is dual purpose, providing an exfoliating treatment for the skin and allowing easy removal of the mask.


Retinol is a versatile skincare ingredient with exceptional anti-aging effects. In its capacity as a vitamin A derivative, retinol production opens pores, promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines, and accelerates cell turnover to even out discolouration and smooth skin.


Fabric facial sheet masks are pre-cut into the shape of your face and saturated in serum, which contains nourishing ingredients that help hydrate and improve the look and feel of the skin. Sheet masks provide a superior solution to traditional cream masks, slowing evaporation and lengthening skin-serum contact for a more effective treatment.


Squalane is a hydrogenated form of squalene that is naturally produced by our sebacesous glands. Squalane moisturises the skin and keeps the skin's natural protective barrier intact by laying on top of it like a protective layer. This gives the skin a glow and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, Squalane has antioxidant properties that also protect the skin and prevent free radical damage.


The curved shape of these patches allows for a more targeted treatment for the under eye area, while ingredients address a specific area of concern. A close fit means evaporation is reduced, allowing better absorption of the serum during treatment.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduced the incidence of free radical skin damage caused by environmental factors such as sun, pollution and oxygen. Superficial treatment with vitamin C reduces dark spots and skin damage caused by sun exposure. IT promotes collagen production in the skin and reduces inflammation.