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If you haven’t joined in with the hand mask hype yet, what are you waiting for? You might not know it, but hands are one of the first places to show aging, so no matter how much TLC you put into your face and body, it could be your hands that give away that magic number! Not to mention all the hard work your hands do every day, they’re constantly exposed to the elements and always busy, whether it’s typing at a keyboard, washing the dishes or at the gym and that can take its toll on your pointers.

Hand masks are an ultra-nourishing treatment for the hands that hydrates, repairs, brightens and smooths. And the best bit? The dual layered masks are touch screen friendly meaning you can swipe and scroll to your heart’s (or hand’s) content.

Our most luxurious hand mask is the 24K Gold Hand Mask, yes, REAL 24K gold! The super luxe mask, inspired by salon treatments, is infused with a blend of plant extracts for super-softness, while warming thermotherapy technology revitalises dry, mature skin. Bonus, the mask is safe to use on natural nails, gel nails and extensions!