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Sun, sea, skincare – our summer holidays are coming! We’re already counting down the days until we jet off, but once thing we are not living for is the toll traveling takes on our skin 😩

Why should I use a face mask on a flight?

Your skin is happiest when the humidity level is between 40-70% and most airplane cabins sit at about 20% humidity, so no wonder your skin feels dehydrated and unloved after you step off the plane. Skin Republic Face Sheet Masks are compact and super easy to throw into your hand luggage, and our huge range of masks means there will be something to soothe your travel-tired skin.

Which masks should I use?

You need a hydration hero, there’s no denying that flying and sunbathing leaves your skin dehydrated.

The Skin Republic 2-Step Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Face Sheet Mask is an all in one must-have. The face scrub and mask duo is ideal for reducing the number of bottled products you’ll need to carry, and while the scrub removes dead skin cells, the Hyaluronic mask is the ultimate moisture booster. Perfect!

Skin Republic Youthfoil Face Sheet Maskis perfect for flying. A double dose Hyaluronic Acid will keep your skin hydrated and you’ll look fabulous.

Sat in the sun too long? We got you. Pick up the Skin Republic Seaweed Hydrogel Face Sheet Mask. The cooling chamomile and seaweed will soothe and hydrate your sorry skin. Top tip: pop it in the fridge before using it for an extra-cooling boost.

Don’t neglect your hands and feet. Get beach-ready feet with our Skin Republic Foot Repair Mask. These dual-layered booties are infused with softening shea butter and cooling green tea. Keep your nails, cuticles and hands soft with the new Skin Republic Nail + Cuticle Hand Mask, with the touchscreen friendly gloves you can still read, scroll and chill.

Last but definitely not least, combat jetlag with the Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Under Eye Patches. Just what you need to depuff and hydrate your under eye area.