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mask-cation (noun)

The vacation your mind takes while wearing a Skin Republic face mask. This summer has seen millions of us give up our travel plans in favour of staying inside. Staycations may be the way forward for 2020 but there is no reason your skin can’t take a little vacation.

1. Give your skin a break from makeup
Working from home, and cancellation of events has many of us embracing our natural beauty opting for lighter makeup or no makeup at all, this is a trend set to continue beyond lockdown, so looking after your skin now and giving it a little holiday will pay off when we come out of lockdown and you can let your natural skin glow.

2. Take a mask-cation and let your mind wander to Sunkissed shores
Sheet masks are a great excuse to put your feet up for 15 20minutes and let your mind wander. Put on some relaxing music, dim the lights and reminisce and dream of distant shores, we can almost feel the sun on our skin and taste the pina coladas.

3. Prep for your next visit to the beach
If you are still lucky enough to be jetting off in 2020 then take the time now to prepare yourself for those sandy beaches. Foot Peel is a must have before your holiday, with Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help remove skin in just 7 days and 15 Plant Extracts including Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea and Vitamin E to intensely moisturise and leave feet soft, silky and smooth.