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Self-Care Through Skincare

2 min read

Over the last year over 74% of adults have felt stressed and overwhelmed. April marks the start of Stress Awareness Month, and we’re encouraging our Skin Republic fans to take part in Self-Care through Skincare.

Skincare isn’t just all about following a 10 step skin routine to create flawless skin. Selfcare through skincare can be as simple as massaging serum into your skin.

Whilst we all want glowing perfect skin, skincare is more than that.

Here are 5 reasons why self-care through skincare is so important:

  1. Following a skincare routine adds structure to your day

    It’s not just your face and skin which will benefit from maintaining a skincare routine – routines are super important for your mind and body health. 

  2. Doing something nice for you

    Focusing on doing something nice for yourself helps to stop anxiety and worry spiralling. It’s also the perfect time for a spot of mindfulness.

  3. Boost your mood

    Popping on a sheet mask or applying a serumeach night before bed gives you something to look forward to at the end of a long day – it adds comfort and fulfilment.

  4. Bonding time

    Self-care through skincare doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. It’s up to you whether you want me time or whether you make it into bonding time. Get your moms, partners and even your kids involved in your skincare routine, skincare can be fun!

  5. Be kind to your skin

Your skin can really show the affects of stress. By  taking just 5 minutes to apply a face sheet mask whilst you binge watch Netflix you’re showing yourself you’re really worth the time… a boost of serotine incoming!

Self-care through skincare can be whatever you want and need it to be – but maintaining a skincare routine is super important. So tonight, wear that face mask, and massage that seruminto your skin – you deserve it.