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1. Has there been a change in fabric?
The current Skin Republic hydrogel face masks, eye masks, hand and foot masks are all biodegradable so there will be no change to this fabric – we will just be adding the biodegradable icon to the packs. The regular white Skin Republic masks have had a fabric update. We have changed from cotton spun lace to a biodegradable eco mask fabric called cupra.

2. Have the formulations changed?
No, it’s still exactly the same award-winning formulations you love!

3. What is the testing process used?
The testing method is called OECD-B Biodegradability “CO2 Evolution”. A aerobic biodegradation test that introduces a material to an inoculum in a closed environment and measures biodegradation of the material by CO2 evolution. Uses respirometry to determine biodegradability of the material by evaluating the production of CO2 over a minimum of 28 days in a liquid environment. To be classified as readily biodegradable, a product must meet the biodegradability requirements specified by the method.

4. How long did the products take to biodegrade?
The masks took 10 days or less while the packaging was 32 days.

5. Is the packaging recyclable?
The Skin Republic mask packaging is biodegradable and readily recyclable.

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