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Your 50s where every wrinkle and laugh line on your face tells a story. That you have hilarious friends, that you’ve burnt the mid night oil in pursuit of your dreams or brought up wonderful children. Those memories should be celebrated and not erased. Instead were focusing on incorporating skincare products which improve the health of your skin. We’re looking for bouncy, great skin peppered with laugh and smile lines.

Step 1: Skin Peels

Fruit acid peels gently slough off dead skin cells which is perfect for skin in your 50s which tends to be a bit thinner and more fragile than your younger years. However, it is still important to exfoliate your skin a couple times a week to improve the overall texture and for a glowing complexion. Exfoliated skin also absorbs skincare ingredients more efficiently meaning your skincare product are more effective. Try it in our 2 Step Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Face Mask Sheet which includes a fruit acid peel followed by a hydrating sheet mask.


skin republic gold hand masks

Step 2: High performance skincare products

Now is the time to start incorporating high performance products into your routine. Your skin in your 50s needs a little bit of extra care so it’s important to use a high-performance mask to replenish lost nutrients and moisture at least once a week. Our Youthfoil Face Mask Sheet includes a double dose of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid which provides a moisture surge to the skin. The foil backing of our Youthfoil Maskalso locks in moisture and prevents evaporation driving ingredients deep into the skin.


Step 3: Focus on hand care

Hands are often forgotten yet one of the first places to start showing the signs of aging. Incorporating a good hand cream and a twice weekly hand treatment into your routine will keep them soft and smooth. The Skin Republic 24K Gold Foil Hand Mask is a dual-layered glove containing a nourishing serum while the outer layer remains completely dry – which means you are carry on swiping, double tapping or reading your favourite novel until your heart’s (or hand’s) content. This hand mask contains moisture-rich shea butter and anti-aging collagen which helps reduce age spots and freckles.