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When the line between work and home becomes blurry unwinding at the end of the day can seem impossible. However, in the current times it is more important than ever that we take a little time out for ourselves, and take more time for self-care and pampering. In an ideal world we’d all be nipping off on a spa break for a bit of R&R, however that’s a bit difficult. What if we told you, you could recreate that spa experience right at home and have the most amazing facial at home? Not convinced? Scroll through our ultimate at-home spa guide below:

  1. Do not disturb
    First things first - Try to also find a space that you won’t be interrupted – somewhere off limits to the rest of the family, turn those phones to silent and begin your at-home spa experience, in tranquil peace.
  2. Set the mood and engage your senses
    Not to set the ambience of your at home spa, let’s get all five senses engaged. Dim the lights, burn an essential oil, sip on cucumber water, take out your fluffiest towels and play some soft background music. It’s all about creating your own little sanctuary for an hour or two – BLISS!
  3. Short on self-care time? Combine your mask and bath time
    Pop on a face sheet mask during your bath. All our Skin Republic Sheet Masks are drenched in 25ml of serum – enough for you to also apply to your neck, décolletage and hands. To make it more spa-like add some bath salts or a bath bomb and light a scented candle. You’ll be amazed how a couple small tweaks can transform your bath time, and you’ll feel like you’re in a spa in no time.
  4. Give yourself a hand massage
    Your hands have been sanitized within an inch of their lives, we’re sure they’re feeling dry and dehydrated so now it’s time to give them some much needed TLC. Pop on our dual layered hand masks saturated in an ultra-moisturizing serum and give yourself a quick hand massage. The outer layer remains completely dry so you can read your favourite book while giving your hands a much-needed treat.
  5. Glow with a facial massage
    Apply a sheet mask or under eye patch and treat yourself to this glow enhancing facial massage.

    Step 1: Using two fingers, apply a bit of pressure and stroke from the top of your eyebrows up towards your hairline.

    Step 2: Place the tips of your middle and index fingers on your temples. Stroke your fingers under your eye area, towards your nose. Continue gliding it over the eyebrows and then come back again under the eye area, following an oval path.

    Step 3: Place your knuckles on your cheeks, next to your nose. Stroke your knuckles gently across your cheeks, towards your ears.

    Step 4: Make a “V” sign with your index and middle fingers (both hands). Place the fingers on your mouth area in a way that the index finger is above the upper lip and the middle finger is below the lower lip. Gently press and pull the fingers towards your ears.

    Step 5: Place your knuckles on your chin in a way that the jawline rests between the knuckles. Gently pull the knuckles upward, along the jawline, toward your ears.

    Repeat the above steps 5 times

  6. Don't forget those feet
    Go all out and give yourself the ultimate at home spa experience and pop on our Skin Republic dual layered booties, packed with plant extracts for soft, silky smooth feet.