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  1. The sheet mask 

The most common type of sheet mask also referred to as micro fibre, spun lace & cotton.  They are made form a super soft cotton or fibre material that is closely weaved to reduce the amount of moisture that can escape.  They are pre-soaked with botanical and vitamin rich serum that gets absorbed into the skin when you apply the mask closely to your face leaving it for the specified time.    This type of sheet mask is the easiest way to feed your skin!

Ideal for:Anyone, based on the ingredients their skin needs or problem they are targeting

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Hydrogel Mask 

Hydrogel masks are made from a slick gel like material, they are made with skin beneficial ingredients in the mask rather than being soaked in serum, they are thicker than microfibre/cotton masks and have a slightly transparent look, there rubber/gel like texture allows to them to fit closely to your face contours.  Due to them being heavier in weight than a traditional sheet mask, they often come in 2 parts allowing you to get a closer fit and distributing the weight, so it does not easily slip from the face. Hydrogel is proven to lock in more moisture than traditional sheet mask, so they are highly effective skin hydrators.

Ideal for:Those looking for a hydration boost and choose according to the ingredients your skin needs or problem they are targeting

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Foil

An aluminium foil backed mask designed to allow ingredients to surge one way and not evaporate into the environment.  These masks are highly effective at delivery moisture and beneficial ingredients to the skin. Not to mention they make a great selfie opportunity.

Ideal for:Luxury lovers, looking for a relaxing pamper session and a huge hit of hydration  

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Charcoal Mask 

Not unlike a regular microfibre/cotton sheet mask, however these sheets are first infused with charcoal, proven to draw out impurities and effectively brighten and hydrate your skin.  

Ideal for:Anyone looking to remove dirt and impurities from their skin whilst maintaining its hydration

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Bubble

Probably one of the most fun ways to mask and the most selfie worthy.  Combining a charcoal infused sheet mask with oxygenating technology.  When exposed to the atmosphere these masks bubble and foam on the face helping to draw out dirt and impurities deep from the pores.  A highly effective cleansing and detox mask.  Using a bubble mask in sheet form has the added benefit of helping to lock in moisture.

Ideal for:Anyone looking for a deep cleanse and to remove impurities from their skin whilst maintaining moisture.

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Mud

Mud or clay sheet masks are a microfibre sheet pre-soaked in a beneficial mud or clay.  Unlike traditional bottle mud masks being in sheet form these are much easier to apply and do not create as much mess as applying a mask with a brush or finger tips.

 These masks are super-saturated and feel very smooth on the skin mud & clay are known as purifiers and effectively draw out excess oils, remove dead skin cells and reduce skin inflammation making them great masks for people with greasy, blemish prone skin.

Ideal for:skin that needs cleansing and softening, especially those with oily, blemished prone skin.

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Point Masks

Point masks can come in any of the above formats, but they are designed to target specific body areas, such as wrinkle prone areas like the eyes, or clogged pores on the nose.  These masks are great for people looking to target specific skin issues and not just looking for all over hydration.

Ideal for:Targeting specific problems on specific areas of there face without targeting the whole face.

Our mask recommendations:

  1. Peel Off

Also similar to sheet masks are peel-off masks which quite literally peel off your skin, which can be highly satisfying.  By applying the mask in liquid form and allowing it to dry you create a barrier so that your skin can absorb the masks nutritional benefits, they dry to a rubbery like texture and the peel of action helps to remove dead skin cells and clogged pores.

Ideal for:Anyone looking to remove dirt dullness and impurities from their skin.

Our mask recommendations: