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“Whether you’ve just been confronted with the first signs of aging or already battling more advanced concerns it’s never too late – or too early – to up your anti-aging game.”

Shopping for anti-aging skin care products can be daunting, with so many different products to choose from it’s difficult to know what works. Skin Republic has developed a range of products containing proven anti-aging ingredients. Perhaps your concerns are focused on your face, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines or perhaps it’s the crinkles appearing on your neck and décolletage or age spots on your hands. Skin Republic has you covered with a selection of products providing anti-aging solutions from head to toe.


The face always is the primary focus of our anti-aging regime with fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity some of the first signs of aging. Skin begins to lose that coveted firm, smooth skin tone as Collagen begins to breakdown. Look for products containing Collagen, Stem Cell Plant Protein and Platinum – for their undisputed VIP status as highly effective anti-aging ingredients.

Not only are the ingredients of importance but also the method in which those ingredients are delivered to the skin. The Skin Republic range of sheet masks – fabric masks pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in serum – use the latest advances in skin care technology to effectively deliver nutrients to the skin. More effective than creams, which begin to evaporate as soon as you apply them to your skin, sheet masks use the Transdermal Delivery System acting as a second skin promoting the effective absorption of ingredients deep into the dermis. Skin Republic offers three face masks which are targeted to reverse the signs of aging.


If crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes are your primary concern, a targeted anti-aging eye treatment like the Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch is very effective. The hydrogel under eye patches are coated in an anti-aging serum designed to target five eye-area agers: fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, puffiness, dark circles and dryness. The Skin Republic under eye patches provide a concentrated and continuous dose of proven anti-aging ingredients to the delicate eye area making them more effective than traditional eye creams.

Containing active ingredients Collagen, Green Tea, Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera, the Skin Republic under eye patches re-energize the eye area soothing away signs of stress and fatigue. Effectively “erasing” slight imperfections and helping to increase the staying power of eye makeup.

Neck + Décolletage

The neck and décolletage are one of the most vulnerable areas of our skin – second only to our eyelids – it’s no wonder that this area is becoming increasingly quick to reveal our true age. Traditional advice tells us to use our face cream on our neck and décolletage however facial creams are of little help with this vulnerable area requiring a more specialized approach.

The Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair uses the latest advances in sheet mask technology to create a mask specifically designed to target the neck and décolletage. Containing potent anti-agers Collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin E to boost moisture and restore firmness. Mulberry and Liquorice help to lighten dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage. This sheet mask has been designed to comfortably fit your neck and décolletage. Unlike traditional creams a sheet mask adheres to the skin providing a concentrated dose of serum making it more effective in improving the tone and texture of the skin.


Our hands are constantly exposed to the environment and the sun’s damaging UV rays. Due to this constant exposure and the natural aging process, the skin on the hands becomes thin and papery, while UV damage creates age spots. To help reverse the signs of aging and protect against future damage, look for an anti-aging treatment specifically formulated for the hands

The Skin Republic Hand Repair uses an innovative dual layered glove. The inner layer contains the intensive rejuvenating serum and the sealed dry outer layer allows you to wear and work. The serum is enriched with moisture boosting Collagen, rich Shea Butter with revitalising Vitamin E and 7 Plant Extracts helping to soothe, soften and rejuvenate dry, rough hands.