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ac-cess-or-eyes (verb)

When your eyes are carrying a little extra baggage and you don an eye mask to banish those bags and revital-eyes those peepers.

The skin around our eyes is often thinner, more fragile and susceptible to dehydration, therefore requires a special level of care. Eye masks are a great way to perk up tired eyes.

The first place that shows signs of how we’re feeling is usually our under eyes. Down to a lack of sleep, dehydration, genetic predisposition and even eye strain, the reasons for dull, tired eyes are plentiful. To brighten those dark circles we recommend our Brightening eye mask packed with vitamin C and coffee extract.

Our eyes also get a rough ride when we’re experiencing hayfever, but we can’t just treat them the same way we would the rest of the face. Our under eye skin is drastically different from the rest of our face so they need special treatment. Hydrogel Collagen under eye patches not only rehydrate and smooth fine lines they are ultra cooling so can help to ease irritation. Keep them in the fridge for added coolness and to help de-puff.

The skin under the eyes is thinner and has fewer glands producing oil. Which means that it doesn’t retain moisture as well as the rest of the face and is more likely to dry out quickly. When our under eyes are dry, it leads to more fine lines in the skin. Hydrogel Retinol under eye patches are brilliant multi taskers, not only are they brightness boosting they also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.