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flaw-some (noun)
An individual that embraces their skin and makes the most of it knowing they are awesome despite any ‘flaws’.

Lets face it the flawless and pore less look we see gracing our Instagram feed is often heavily filtered, and made up.

It’s time to get real, we all have our sk-insecurities, whether that be laughter lines, crows feet, dark circles, scarring or spots and blemishes.

Here are our top tips for embracing those flaws and getting comfortable in your skin.

1. Self Love
Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on what you don’t like, highlight something you do like, compliment yourself and repeat it over a few times. Be as kind to yourself as you would your bestie! Embrace your differences. You are unique and that’s your superpower.

2. Take care of yourself
Life is all about balance, eat healthily and fuel your body but don’t forget to treat yourself. Work hard but make time for friends, family and yourself. Exercise daily and challenge yourself but don’t forget to rest. Take 20 minutes out and kick back with a Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen sheet mask, relaxing and super hydrating self care at its finest.

3. Get a routine
Routines help us keep control of our time ensuring we make the best out of it, consistency and simplicity is key with any routine.

Your skin is no different. Keep it quick and easy with a daily cleanse, twice weekly exfoliation, twice weekly sheet mask and daily moisturising. It doesn’t take a 12 step routine to keep your skin glowing and you stick with it if its simple.