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We challenged three of our #TheRepublic members to clearer
and brighter skin in just 4 weeks. All suffering from problem
skin and pimples our girls were tasked with using our Spots +
Blemish Face Mask twice week for one month. Now enough
chatter, want to see the results?
Scroll down!

This breakout banishing, pimple fighting, dark spot erasing
(and all round magic mask) contains tea tree and salicylic acid
to clear even the most problematic skin. How? Tea tree helps
heal existing pimples, reduce inflammation, swelling, redness
and disinfects preventing future spots. Wonder ingredient
salicylic acid intensely cleans skin pores it not only cleans
around the outside of the pore but within the pore itself.
Squeaky clean just got a whole new meaning! This makes it
super effective at prevent and treating breakouts. What’s
more? Sheet masks provide a concentrated and continuous
dose of skin care ingredients and prevent dirt and bacteria
(pimples besties) from being passed onto the face which can
be the case when applying creams. Nuff said **Add to cart**