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We love a mud mask, but there’s one serious downside – they’re just messy. Here at Skin Republic we decided enough was enough, we want a mud face mask that doesn’t result in stained towels and blobs of mud everywhere (ain’t nobody got time for that!) so we created a range of sheet mud masks.

The new Mud Sheet Mask range is infused with natural ingredients to create a Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask, Volcanic Ash Mud Sheet Mask and Pink Clay Mud Sheet Mask to tighten, purify and brighten.

The Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask purifies pores and controls excess oil production, reducing breakouts and the appearance of redness giving you clear, fresh skin.

Our Volcanic Ash Mud Sheet Mask is packed with mineral-rich volcanic ash to draw out dirt and toxins, deeply purifying the skin’s pores. Infused with Bentonite Clay and Papaya to exfoliate leaving super soft skin.

Lastly, our Pink Clay Mud Sheet Mask contains Goji Berry and White Mulberry to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation, whilst the Pink Clay helps draw our toxins, giving you selfie ready skin every time.

The new mud sheet masks are used just as you would a regular sheet face mask, you remove the clear film from one side of the mask and press into the facial contours using the white backing as a guide. The mask comes in two pieces so you have a perfect fit. Enjoy the mask for 30 minutes or until completely dry, then simply peel off the mask and rinse off any residue.

Voilà! Your clothes and towels are left pristine.