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Everyone loves a peel-off face mask, but we’re here to tell you that they’re not just a social media craze, they have real benefits for restoring youthful, radiant skin and should be a staple in your skincare routine. Here at Skin Republic we’re obsessed with a good peel-off so we have worked tirelessly to create a new collection of luxe peel-off masks to give you soft, radiant skin.

The new Skin Republic Peel-Off Mask collection consists of three masks, including 24K Gold Peel-Off (Yes – real 24k gold!), Platinum + Diamond Powder Peel-Off and Charcoal Peel-Off – all with 3 applications per pack!

The 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask contains real gold to help stimulate skin cells and improve blood circulation. Apply a thin, even layer, relax for 30 minutes and peel off the visible signs of aging and reveal a radiant glow.

If diamonds really are your best friend you need the Platinum + Diamond Powder Peel-Off Face Mask – and before you ask yes, this mask does contain real platinum and diamond powder! The exfoliating properties of the diamond powder energises the skin, increases circulation and encourages collagen production leaving you youthful and glowing.

Charcoal skincare is known for removing blackheads and dirt from the skin’s pores, so obviously we had to create a Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask. We’ve combined charcoal with green tea, lemon extract and strawberry extract to create the perfect formula for cleansed, bright and super soft skin.

The new Skin Republic face masks are practically made for the ‘gram, so pick your favourite, put it on and snap some pics. Show them that you #ShineBrightLikeADiamond